Theories behind Strauss Formulas

Theories behind Strauss Formulas

Theories behind Strauss Formulas

Nature has everything perfect and in perfect proportion. Nothing in nature’s proportion ever harmed us (i.e. almonds, apple seeds). Almond nut and apple seeds have considerable arsenic. Because nature’s proportion is perfect, they will not harm you.

Not only has nature provided perfect herbs, plants and foods, it has also provided all of the ingredients for the medicines we need. Everything is growing somewhere in the world for every ailment.

It takes two or more herbs in perfect proportion to fix or heal. One herb on its own can only treat a symptom. For example, white willow bark for pain.

Jim Strauss Sr. believed how you eat is more important than what you eat to maintain desirable weight. Digestion begins in our mouth with our saliva. We need to chew our food properly (liquefy) to start the digestion process. Our liver produces fat, which is used for fuel to “burn up” and break down what we swallow. The faster we eat, swallowing larger solids, not chewing our food properly, requires our liver to produce more fat or fuel. We must produce sufficient fat for the next bite, next snack or next meal. The trouble is, all excess is stored in our body as fat. It may take your liver a month or so to stop producing excess fats as it is accustomed to how you eat. If you liquefy your food before swallowing, you will be satisfied sooner and therefore eat
less, produce and store less fat and lose weight safely and gradually. All depending on several factors including your size, metabolism and level of physical activity and of course what you eat. You still require sufficient nourishment from natural, real foods to sustain your organs and systems and maintain a state of wellbeing.

Strauss formulas have detox effects. This expelling of poisons, toxins, plaque, bacteria and parasites will mean weight loss. This weight loss you can achieve no other way and is by far the best weight to lose. Even if you starved yourself, you could not otherwise lose this weight. We learn of many people who achieve considerable weight loss, but then become sick with serious illness and die. Jim Strauss Sr. maintains there is a common sense reason for this. As we decrease our weight, the remaining toxins and poisons (still inside our cells) become a larger percentage of our mass. For example, if a person weighting 300 lbs. was to reduce his/her weight by 100 lbs. they would be 1/3 smaller and yet whatever toxins were in that person are still 100%
present in the lighter 200 lb. person. Therefore, if there were originally 30 lbs. of toxins in the 300 lb. body, the toxins now comprise 10% of the total weight. In the lighter 200 lb. person, the toxins by volume comprise 15% of the total weight. Any weight loss plan is much safer when systematically detoxing at the same time. It not only speeds weight loss but also helps eliminate what can make you ill or worse. You will also experience changes in your body shape as detoxing progresses. It is a win/win solution to better health and longevity including your quality of life.

Our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food. The Strauss Family has for 8 generations prepared herbal medicines that are formulated by taste. Each formula was actually made using family trained taste buds and gram scales to formulate combinations. Moreover, as Strauss founder, Jim Strauss Sr. would say, “Just as a good cook makes a soup or sauce, going by taste, you know when it is perfect, no improving on it”.

To fix anything in this world, you must use the parts from which it is made. Therefore, herbs made from cells that come from the earth are required to heal or fix ourselves. To expect synthetic chemical drugs to heal or fix anything would be like taking your automobile to the lumberyard to fix with 2 x 4’s. You cannot do it! The chemical pharmaceutic drug manufacturers never claimed to fix or cure anything, and they take great care to report all the potential side effects, adverse reactions and harm that my occur through the use of those pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals may deal with various symptoms by altering our body’s natural functions, whereas herbs and foods support our body’s natural functions and organs to do what they are intended to do; namely heal ourselves and maintain a healthy state of being.

Many of today’s foods do not fulfill our needs. More than 93% of everything available in our grocery stores is or contains Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). These manufactured foods are not natural. They are manmade. Most lack the complete package of enzymes as nature originally provided. Enzymes are our body’s building blocks, essential for life. The GMO foods (i.e. seedless fruits) according to Strauss are incomplete. For example, they tell us we need 10 seedless oranges to get the Vitamin C contained in one organic orange. Jim Strauss Sr. believed it is far more complex and much worse than that. What of the missing enzymes? The ones not present at all or the “gene mix” which scientists warn is unnatural and potentially harmful? Just as our soil is  depleted, so are our foods. These missing components (enzymes, minerals and vitamins) are not nature’s way and are causing us difficulties with our health. These GM foods or many of them have trouble sustaining their own lives, so how can they maintain ours? Rather, they breakdown our immune systems becoming even weaker. Today all disease is on the rise.

The complete line of Strauss Naturals herbal formulas and ingredients are 100% natural, 100% pesticide free, 100% safe and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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