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Strauss Heartdrops®

  • the global leader in herbal heart health
  • clinically proven formula
  • thousands of satisfied customers
  • trusted for over 40 years


  • take with Heartdrops for ultimate heart health
  • strengthen & rebuild fast with safe
    but high doses of Hawthorn
  • calming and stabilizing herbal blend
  • take it now but not forever

Kidney & Blood Pressure Drops™

  • take with Strauss Heartdrops® for ultimate blood pressure health
  • strengthen, cleanse and improve your kidney function
  • 75% of people over the age of 65 have high blood pressure
  • reducing high blood pressure reduces chance of Alzheimers by 30%


  • safe for pregnant, nursing mothers and toddlers
  • the only bottle you need for the whole family
  • easy to take and fast acting liquid drops
  • full spectrum garlic

Smooth Oregano™

  • the best tasting oregano – guaranteed
  • full spectrum oil of oregano solution
  • naturally sweet spearmint flavour
  • mixes directly into water


  • Agrumax is made from natural citrus fruit
    seed oils
  • a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal
    formula also proven effective against microbials
    and candida albicans
  • natural pH alkalize

Our Story

The now famous Strauss Heartdrops® were created for Jim Strauss in 1980 after he suffered a heart attack. Over 40 years ago, Jim and his son Peter developed Heartdrops® from a 300-year-old traditional family medicine practice.

The hospital doctors told Jim his arteries were clogged with plaque and triggered the heart attack. Jim refused bypass surgery. He couldn't lie down or walk due to angina chest pain. Father and son got to work on the powerful family recipe.

Three weeks later, Jim could walk across the street to collect his mail and in six weeks he returned to work. Jim never had heart surgery. He never took pharmaceutical drugs and he worked for another 25 years.

Strauss Heartdrops® remains the flagship formula and helps thousands of people improve circulation, increase their energy and return to health.

Blood flow is the body's most important function. When it stops, so do we. Blood flow gives us energy and energy is life. Add life to your years and years to your life.

Order your Heartdrops® today.

Our reputation is built on generations of rock solid results.

At Strauss Naturals we are committed to making natural health products that work and we are motivated by improving the length and quality of the lives of our customers above all else. You will find our formulas to be effective, fast-acting and a welcome addition to your lifestyle.

Our unique extraction methods allow us to capture not only the key herbal compounds studied in clinical research but also the full spectrum of lesser known or even undiscovered components that work together holistically to deliver the results you are looking for in an herbal preparation. For this reason our extracts, essential oils and formulas consistently outperform the competition. We guarantee it.

No matter what life stage, we have a product for you. COLDSTORM® offers respiratory support for pregnant and nursing mothers and all other life stages. Smooth Oregano™ is a staple in any home and easy to take at any dilution. Adults and seniors rely on our Heartdrops®, CardioCalm™ and Kidney & Blood Pressure Drops™ daily to support a healthy cardiovascular system.

Our premium brands are made in our GMP (Good Mfg Practice) certified, Canadian NNHPD licensed and US FDA inspected facility. Sole producer of the world famous Strauss Heartdrops®. Products are all third-party laboratory tested for strength and purity.

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