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Strauss Heartdrops®

  • the best time for an arterial cleanse is now
  • the global leader in herbal heart health
  • clinically proven formula
  • thousands of satisfied customers
  • trusted for over 40 years

Strauss Heartdrops® Used in Herbal Medicine to help maintain cardiovascular health and to help reduce elevated blood lipid levels/hyperlipidemia in adults.

It’s time for a Heart to Heart.

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • Diabetes
  • Cold Hands and/or Feet
  • Chest Pain or Pressure
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Gum Disease
  • Menopause
  • High Anxiety
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Persistent Cough
  • Male Impotence
  • Frank’s Sign (earlobe creases)
  • Unexplained Fatigue
  • Lightheaded or Dizziness
  • Weakening Grip Strength
  • Rapid or Irregular Pulse
  • Chronic Stress
  •  Low energy levels

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No Symptoms?

Some people have silent Coronary Heart Disease with no prior signs or symptoms. Doctors, especially Cardiologists maintain that “you are only as old as your arteries”. They know that arterial aging wears out your brain, heart, kidneys and other organs as well as causing damage to hearing and eyesight.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for North American women accounting for 1 in every 4 female deaths, killing more women than all forms of cancer combined. Heart disease is also the leading cause of death among young women. No longer a “man’s disease,” more women than men now die of heart disease. Only 54% of women recognize that heart disease is their #1 killer. Almost 65% of women who die suddenly of coronary heart disease have no previous symptoms. And over 90% of women have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease.

Women: Common signs prior to or during a heart attack:

  • Lightheadedness, dizziness, fainting
  • Upper back or chest pressure / pain*
  • Anxiety or emotional stress
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sweating and / or anxiety
  • Unusual or unexplained fatigue
  • Pain in arms, neck, jaw or stomach

Men: Common signs prior to or during a heart attack:

  • Symptoms usually onset after physical exertion
  • Pain in arms, neck, jaw or stomach
  • Cold sweat or nausea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pressure or pain

The best time for an arterial cleanse is now. Join the thousands of satisfied customers.

North Americans have a heart attack each year

Are having their second heart attack

North Americans die each year due to heart disease and stroke

North American man or woman dies every 20 seconds due to heart disease and stroke

  • 90% of women have one or more risk factors for heart disease or stroke 90% 90%
  • 80% of heart disease & stroke events may be prevented by lifestyle changes and education 80% 80%
  • 65% of women who die suddenly of coronary heart disease have no previous symptoms 65% 65%
  • 54% of women recognize that heart disease is their number 1 killer 54% 54%

North American Statistics

These statistics are used by health researchers, clinicians, healthcare policy makers, media professionals and consumers, serving as a major source for monitoring the cardiovascular health of the wider population.

Satisfaction Guarantee


“40 years ago the Strauss family’s newest formula was developed by Jim and Peter Strauss. The now famous Strauss Heartdrops were created for Jim Strauss in 1980, after Jim suffered a heart attack himself.

After learning what the Dr’s at the hospital said and believed (Jim’s arteries were clogged with plaque and he needed 5 arteries by-passed), Jim refused surgery and with his son Peter, created the Strauss Heartdrops. Jim couldn’t lie down or walk due to angina chest pain, so he sat in an easy chair, while he and Peter using their family craft of putting formulas together by taste, with proper ingredients in perfect proportion. Tasting and using a gram scale, father and son medicine men created the formula which remains the company flagship formula. 3 weeks later Jim could walk across the street to his mailbox and in 6 weeks returned to work for another 25 years, without surgery or pharmaceutical drugs.

Over the many years since, Strauss Heartdrops have helped countless others return to health. Blood flow is the body’s most important function. Blood flow gives us energy and energy is life. “Give it to yourself today!”

After scoring poorly on two carotid artery scans I became concerned about future complications. As a medical doctor I was trained that this is an irreversible process and the only thing I can do is to change my lifestyle with the hope of slowing the progression. It was after this that I was introduced to the Strauss Heartdrops. Although I honestly did not believe that it could improve my circulation I still decided to give it a try. Since the only medication I have been taking regularly is an omega 3 capsule and the Strauss Heartdrops, I can attribute the positive changes in the carotid scan to my use of the Strauss Heartdrops. I will continue to take it and recommend it to anyone with similar concerns.

– Frederick Ankai-Taylor M.D.


I was sent to Vancouver General Hospital in September of 2016 for an angiogram. The results of the test were extremely scary.

The doctor recommended immediate heart surgery so my name was added to the waiting list.

While I was waiting I decided to try Strauss Heartdrops. I took it faithfully three times a day and over the next months my circulation improved so dramatically that I cancelled the surgery which is very dangerous at my age. I recently had a follow-up exam and was told that I no longer have to see a Cardiologist. I was so relieved to hear this news it brought me to tears. Strauss Heartdrops are a miracle medicine for me. I can now walk uphill easily, run fast, exercise, and go golfing without any symptoms. Thank you

– John Yun, Former  English Teacher – Pan Pacific College

Strauss Heartdrops have made a major contribution to my health. Initially I saw a drop in my blood pressure and after about two months my iHeart Internal Age Measurement (aortic stiffness) dropped 10 years from 67 to 57. I have done tai chi exercise since I was in my 30s. After starting Strauss heart drops I noticed that there was a decrease in tightness of my muscles and tendons and increasing easiness of movement. In particular I found that I could take deeper more refreshing breath’s and had increased spinal flexibility. My energy has increased and I feel it easier to concentrate and seem to have better memory and other aspects of cognitive functioning. Heartdrops have improved my quality of life and through measurement of blood pressure and iHeart internal age have a objective benefit.

– Jess Goodman M.D., Developer of the iHeart™ Internal Age Aortic Stiffness Monitor